Uniform and Appearance 2014 -2015


Students at Notre Dame Academy wear uniforms beginning the first day of school and must be in complete uniform each day of the school year except on special days that are pre-announced in writing.  Our students take pride in their personal appearance.

•Jumpers/Skirts/Shorts must be two inches above the knee.

•Navy Crew Socks for boys and white Knee Socks for girls

•Shirts must be tucked in neatly.

•A belt must be worn whenever a garment has belt loops.

•Only an Official blue NDA sweater, jacket can be worn during class.

•All students Brown Buck Shoes                             



Pre-K – 1st      Uniform: Jumper with Peter Pan Collared Shirt and Cross Tie

2nd through 3rd Uniform: Skirt or skort with Peter Pan Collared Shirt and Cross Tie

4th through 8th Grade Uniform – Oxford shirt with cross tie with Plaid skirt All girls are to wear white knee socks and shirts are to be tucked in neatly.


Pre-K through 3rd Navy Pants with Royal Polo Shirt Navy crew style socks

4th – 8th Navy Pants with Oxford shirt and navy tie Navy crew style socks

All students are to wear the uniform navy blue cardigan sweater (as weather permits). Only official blue NDA jacket or sweaters can be worn in school. All students are to wear brown buck shoes.


Physical Education Uniform may be purchased at Notre Dame Academy