Need Financial Assistance?

There are several opportunities for qualifying students to obtain tuition assistance. Providers include the Diocese of Savannah, Notre Dame Ambassadors and GRACE Scholars SSO, as well as independent Student Scholarship Organizations (SSO’s) such as ARETE and AAA, among others. Notre Dame Academy accepts any organization’s scholarship for qualified students.

Each of these resources has it’s own application procedure, listed below. You should apply for any and all for which you believe you qualify.

Application for Diocese, GRACE and Notre Dame Academy financial aid MUST be made through the FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment Service. (Applications are also available from the School Office.) Applications must be made between January 1 and March 15. Awards are made prior to commencement of the new school year based on the FACTS’ assessment of need.

ARETE and AAA are independently administered SSO’s each with its own assessment and qualification procedures. In general SSO’s are available to students transferring from public schools to a private school (or entering Pre-k or Kindergarten). After earning an SSO scholarship, you may continue to receive it in subsequent years, so long as you still qualify and funds are available.

Still have questions? Please contact the Principal or Business Manager at the School.

Important Note:

June is the new November

The Georgia Dept. of Revenue is approving education expense tax credits at a rapid pace. As of May 11, the DOR had approved $20.9 million in tax credits. (For the latest figure on tax credit approvals, visit the GRACE home page at In 2011, the tax credit cap was met in November. This year, the cap is likely to be met in June—if not sooner.

In 2011, 2,700 Georgia taxpayers were denied participation in the education expense tax credit program. Included in this number were more than 500 GRACE-affiliated taxpayers. Don’t let this happen to you in 2012! Apply today for your tax credit approval.

For information and forms, contact:


Please take a moment to view the following video from Bishop Hartmayer as he speaks about the GRACE Scholars initiative and how it benefits children in obtaining a Catholic education and the need to participate by early September.